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Pope's Magdalene 2012 Easter Message

Pope's Magdalene 2012 Easter Message

We arrive at Easter 2012  a moment's pause on our journey,  the stage is focused on the yearly  Vatican's Easter Message, which is delivered to the awaiting masses, the voice tone and sober ,bordering on confessional, the contents from Pope Benedict XVI  confusing,  like a sinner in Hope of forgiveness, the Lady  whom has troubled Saint Peter and his establishment, her voice has finally been given permission to be aired, a long awaited admission that quite a number of us already knew ? 


In the message, Her Name was repeated, again and again,  we awake to the content with in the message,  the chains are shattered as the true teachings of Jesus were allowed to come to the Light.

The Temple door Handle is opened with a symbol of the Red Rose.

 This brave Pope  in the twilight of his years, was going to make sure whom ever followed him,  out of the stigma shadows  of pretence, they would not have the Mary Magdalene hidden Legacy  that others had to walk the formidable ecclesiastical path that, contractual sworn duties conflicted with their soul's morals,  the minefield of lies and torture and Death, which kept the party intact for around 2000 years, and put the fear of God's wrath through human dictatorial control served the power of the teflon Church  virtually intact in its present format.   The time has now come to Embrace, Embellish, and Forgive. 

 In her writings the Wife of the Lamb, was-is the murmuring spirit of Love,  the Jesus story from start to finish in the Gospel is the Longest Romance in History.

The Romans at the start of the Christian era found the Gift of the lovers that the Lord sent to teach us, initially  offensive, and saw it as elaborate wind up, which they could not grasp, but a rare opportunity to embrace Christianity and seize the initiative  for ambitious Roman rulers was a present set in front of them that could not be refused.

In their haste to set up council and break into new frontiers, and potentially amass more tax revenues towards the unofficial  Bank of Jesus and unite sworn enemies, through the back door of nationalized religion,   this juicy temptation was too great a prize  for hungry possessed Roman leaders, eager to portray their own stamp in the annals and keep the reputation of this  mighty power crazy Roman lust  machine intact.

As a result  Much of the loving sensitive meek nature of Jesus and his Wife's wisdom was overlooked, the Saints along with others including the Cathars and Covenanters to name a few of many, would sacrifice every thing in an attempt to put what was wrong right, their plight on the whole was faced with bitter animosity their inner knowing that helped strengthen their courage, with their dying shouts for truth  falling upon deaf ears and hardened Hearts. 

 Like Genesis  and the story of the handsome Joseph whom was thrown into prison for his innocence that involved the spurred lust of the Wife of Egyptian Captain of the Guard, Potiphar ("he whom Ra gave life"),  Joseph's faith in God and his moral temptation stance, set a example for us All if we wish to gain our Freedom.

Heartend by Joseph's stirring inspiration, the Magdalene converts perseverance of the  misinterpretation gospels, would come one day in the future be unearthed, what had been hidden would be uncovered and the Naked truth would see the light of Day. 

Confirming their hearts intuition that the blind cause was Just, living the life of lies, is a life with too much conscious guilt attached, especially so, if we have a Judgemeant test pending!!! 

Genesis 39:9

"He has with-held nothing from me except YOU, because You are his Wife.

So how could I do such a great evil and Sin against GOD"?       

 As time comes full circle we have a Wedding to Look forward to at Canna, as this is "The First Sign"  as told by John 2:1  the Saint's and people of the truth, will be awarded with their dogged endurance, as told by John in the bible, He/she knows the feelings of our Hearts.

 We have come along way, the souls of our sandals worn out to the bare skin, the keys to the prison door are unlocked by a very surprising Old & Weary Prison Guard employed as the head of the Church of Saint Peter, just as bible prophseys predicted.

"A-rose has risen" told by  Pope Benedict XVI. Urbi et Orbi - Easter Sunday 8th  April 2012.

Monarch Butterfly Dreams.

Monarch Butterfly Dreams.

The magnificent coloured Monarch butterfly is one of America's  favourites, the assiduous butterfly's that help pollination in God's Garden of Eden,  is essential for future generations, the name flying butt associates the human sexual nature of its  important function, the middle word er in butterfly, marks the agent (person or thing) designating according to occupation, e.g. writ-er.

 Butt'er is also the luscious agent to make a perfect sandwich.

The Monarch butterfly is a frequent gesture symbol of Lovers in Dreams.

In Bible terms the Mon relates to the third day, which according to Saint Peter  is the day after 2000 years  (2 Peter 3:8) and Arch has a number of meanings that include Chief, Arch-Angel  Principal-Jesus or Accomplishment of the Arch bow from Start to finish.

The Distinct  features of the female Monarch as shown above is the Trident fork design, which correlates to Neptune-Poseidon and the Ψ symbol that is often used  to resemble Jesus Tri- umphant return, the pervading black colour bear's the hallmark to our pestilence spell in history of the restless pursuit of the dark shadow female, the second fish swimming in opposite  direction in the Piscian age symbol, the french call it the poison era. The place of the Skull and passover bones of the original Pi-rates, comes full circle with the advent of the Golden Age, symbolised in colour perfection with the radiant Gold-Orange.

The black and white spots  on the Monarch are circular surrogates for the checker flag, the End lap, White and Black represent Him & Her.


Working together with Him, we also appeal to You:

"Don't receive God's grace in Vain"

For He Says:

In an acceptable time, I heard you, and in the Day of Salvation, I helped You.

Look, Now is the acceptable time; Now is the DAY OF SALVATION!!!

2 Corinthians 6:1-2

We await to the promise of N-e-w-s of the Wife of the Monarch.

North-East-West & South  first letter initials make up the English word NEWS, the  sign of the cockerel crowing was told by Jesus when he informed us, that Peter would lie to us 3 times,  the compass rose North is  the highway road marker sign of  God's prophet Jeremiah............

Jeremiah 31:22

Viewing the King James Version. Click to switch to 1611 King James Version of Jeremiah 31:22.

How long wilt thou go about, O thou backsliding daughter? for the LORD hath created a new thing in the earth, A woman shall compass a man.

"Who Wrote the Book of Love"   Don Maclean's American Pie. Ψ

Kidron-Kidston Valley

Kidron-Kidston Valley

The Kidston Valley lies around 2-3 miles North-West of Peebles, the ancient Britons revered this area as God's Acre, through name and Holy understanding, the Kidston Valley is regarded as the twin Valley of the Kidron Valley, in the Engish Alphabet the S follows on from R which in turn determines the logical explanation of KidRon and KidSton names respectively.

 Back in the  old Holy Land of Isreal the Kidron valley,   is where the old Solomon's Temple is found.  John's Revelations  ch 21  writes about the "New Jerusalem and Holy-Circle City" it goes on to write this is where the Alpha and the Omega is found and is the Home to the Beginning and the End, confirmation of the ancient call of completion, comes from the hill on the South side of Kidston valley, you may have guessed in advance it is called  "Time Hill".

On the west side of Kidston Hill is a ancient leyline-drove road, it is called Meldon, the meaning of the name Meldon is Hill with a Cross.

The Cross in question lies on the upper Apex of Kidston Hill, local archaeologist Doctor Clement-Gunn in the early 1900,s set about to measure the Holy Cross, startled at what he found, he went on to do a number of books of the history of the Peebles area, which included a in depth study of the Cross Kirk which lies above the Eddleston water  a few hundred yards before it enters the river Tweed,   the kirk dates back to Norman times, and maybe even before,  significantly it is one of several locations in Europe that claim to have the relics of Saint Nicholas, whom is perceived  as old Father Time himself  and conceived as the gift of new life, through the chimmy-womb he represents the pagan-druids  notion of the Green Man, we have lost our way a little by formulating the Nicholas smoke screen into Santa Claus.

Clement-Gunn was convinced the cross was connected
in some way to the Bible writings he was determined the cross at Kidston hill held the secret to the New Temple, with a measuring tape and inner intuition he set about to measure the cross, bewildered by his findings conformation came to him in number form, the four hand Cross was mapped out exactly at 144 feet,  revelations chapter 7 and 14 came to mind, here is where the 144000  are chosen with the Marked Cross on the forehead, before there are allowed to ascend, could the Kidston Cross, be the place in the future that John predicted we may find Jesus and his Disciples?

We study the scripture of John ch 18 to find more insight.........

When Jesus had spoken these words, he went across the Kidron Valley with his disciples over the river Cedron, where there was a Garden, into the which he entered, with  his disciples.

What John tells us in the word "across" is disguised term to relay a different time, or new incarnation, the "river" itself is used  as a pseudo to guise our time in the womb, from here  the ingenious John uses the word Cedron, Ce is the ancient Mark of the start of Time, that goes all the way back to the Goddess Europa and members of the white race of mankind, which includes Jesus, the  Ce mark itself many people will recognise as a modern distinction brand Mark to reflect excellence, but in truth it is a borrowed label that represents the Time Seal, of the Ce-l-tick  people, L being the 12 letter of the English Alphabet, which relates to 12 o'clock and tic(k) is the sound of time,  the garden again is a allegory for the womb, moveing on to Dron in Ce-dron, Dron is a Sanskrit name for boys meaning Teacher which again relates to Jesus, in the ancient Indian epic of  '"Mahabharat"  which correlates chapter 18, (Svargarohana Parva) it involves the Final Test, and if deemed successful is rewarded with Ascension to Heaven. 
Peebles town itself is  modelled on the diagonal cross, in its early representation the early founders of Peebles modelled the town on four gateways each forming the image of the four directions of the sacred cross, the town today still holds on to the original names of Eastgate, Northgate, Bridgegate (where the Eddleston Water was crossed to the north of town), and Ludgate (the western gate of the town), now called Young Street.

Lud is a old Scots expression for Lord, in bible terms Jesus was Born in the East-Gate and will make his return at the End of the setting arced Sun, which is the West Gate, the Eddleston water is also named the "Cuddy" the name comes from Cud, food-manna-wisdom brought back to be rechewed, which brings us back to the start of  moon goddess Europa story who  in Greek myth was a virgin Phoenician princess abducted by Zeus in the form of a bull, and raped by him, a  moderate loving  patient God has given us all time to redeem our souls, in the repeated Cedron waters of the life circle, as confirmed by John 3:3 & 3:7.

  A Cuddy is also a alternate name given for a Donkey, the chosen form of transport for the Messiah's triumphant Return?

Another local Peebles man whom was absorbed with the Peeblesshire History was William Chambers, he and his brother where better known for comprising the Chambers dictionary.  William published the History of Peebles in 1864,  in his research he tells us that Meldon the hill with the Cross, went by another name, it was called  "The hill of Fire"   suspecting another bible hidden diagnose 
2 Kings 2:11 guides us to the ultimate Bible Glory  " A chariot of Fire with Horses of Fire suddenly appeared and separated Elijah and Elisha, then Elijah went up into heaven in the whirlwind.

The Bible calls the Kidron-Kidston Valley the Valley of Jehoshaphat -  in Hebrew meaning "The valley where God will judge." It appears in Jewish eschatologic prophecies, which include the return of Elijah-John the Baptist,  followed by the arrival of the Messiah, and also the war of Gog and Magog and Judgement Day.  

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Penicuik Time Reservation

Penicuik Time Reservation

Saint Mungo-Kentigern Church  in Penicuik as a holy site, which was  consecrated by the Saint  for it's  befitting  role of a bridge from past to present.  Being a short distance from Roslin time-line, on the setting sun  South-West alignment on the date of the equinox,  around the 21 st of September,  Mungo the messenger was to leave a important sign post in the 6 th Centuary  as a reminder of things to come, some where along the time line, the message has been diluted misinterpreted or even lost.

The town of Penicuik lies around 4 miles South-West of Roslin Chapel, the heart of the town is centred around the ancient Kirk of Saint Mungo-Kentigern. Through Faith of Christian ideology Mungo  become a good friend of Merlin Caledonia the wizard of the grail fame. Mungo  baptist Merlin  in the river Tweed in the Merlindale Valley Peeblesshire, which is around 20 miles south of Penicuik, the two holy men understood the furnishings of Penicuik's reverent location which implicates the writings of OT prophet Ezekiel and his measurements.

 They in turn go further back in time to Egyptian wisdom Goddess Seshat the architect of the sacred Temple of Ra whom helped Ibis with the sacred funerary time writings, she is often depicted in ancient Egypt with a helmet of a bell shape over her head,and a 7 leaf Cannabis plant perched on top of her skull, the bell and tree of life are fundamental key symbols of Mungo, which have been adopted by Glasgow City in there coat of arms.

 The permanent fixture of the abyss-abis Judgement day looms heavy on the writings of John in revelations, on a brighter note the Canna marriage, is John's first of the seven signs?  Matthew alludes this is yet to happen?

 Mungo was a visitor to the Holy Island of Iona, here he found his calling,  which was to turn his life into a mission, he was devoted  and inspired by Saint Columba,  whom many consider to be Christ in a reincarnated body. The ever assiduous Mungo with determination zest to support his friend Columba, set about to affirm the saviours legacy and leave  a diary of  marked wisdom, on the Ce-ltic time seal  for us to remember.  After leaving Penicuik Mungo on  his journey followed close to the time line southwards, at  Caldbeck  Cumbria  he  managed to get the locals  into his way of thinking and they helped him set up Saint Kentigern's Church Cumbria a rebuilt  modern version can be seen today at Caldbeck, the message soon became a fashion  a second church directly on the Timeline was also built for the Saint at Crosthwaite Keswick Cumbria. 

Tapping into the time line's  knowledge was the monk Jocelyn of Furness, (1175-1214)  the Cistercian  hagiographer, wrote about the life of Saint Kentigern, based at Furness Abbey Cumbria, which is  almost directly south of Caldbeck & Crosthwaite and Roslin, the etymology hagio-grapher word comes from another Old Testament prophet Haggai, during his ministry remit, his job was to reestablish the true worship of God at His Temple, here the practise of the blessings of salvation are promised in his book, to those who are seen to obey the divine commands.
Haggai name and his proclamations in Scotland are some what revived with there national treasured dish the Haggis and its address.

 reaching Wales and even Brittany in France.

The town's name is pronounced 'Pennycook' and is derived from Pen Y Cog, meaning "Hill of the Cuckoo" in the Old Brythonic  language (also known as Ancient British and the forerunner of modern Welsh.

Never-Never Land

Never-Never Land

Where is Never-Never Land?

J. M. Barrie had us all thinking outside the Logical, "Real World"?
Open minded  and often Bordering on heresy, Barrie managed to capture the improbable, and turn around to the possible, enlightening the imagination of the children whom's own minds had not been constrained with the conservative conventional of the more matured mind.

Jesus did remind us, that the "Kingdom of Heaven belongs to the Children"?

Lets go in search of what Barrie was trying to tell us?

The word Never, not ever, at no Time or No Degree, relates to the circle of life.

One man that understood the cycle of the universe and life was the astronomer Edmond Halley he christen the name "saros"  to the eclipse cycle in 1691. Sar-sharu itself is a ancient Babylonian word that has the value  that equals 3600, they bought into the notion that 3600 years was the contract period cycle, revelations in the bible touches on the Babylonian sin Jaunt,  and Ros as we understand is the name given to Ros-line the  time line, home to the  Castle and Chapel of the Norman  Sin/Saint Clair's whom  have kept linear seat of the Ros-line Ezekiel temple for almost the last 1000 years.

  Early mathematicians handed down to us the 360 degree  circle, which we learn about at school, it is a copy of the true circle of  Life, as mapped out by the relative positions of the Sun and Moon,  when we return to the start we enter Never Never Time.

 Barrie matched this section of time/degree as the place time stood still?

Speculation of  names used by Barrie's  time less classic has left a legacy of theories of what the enchanting fairy tale author was trying to communicate to ourselves.

Indisputably "Darling Wendy" is the focal heart of Barrie's medley attempt to bring a bewitching charm and captivate a younger audience to the truths of a partly hidden picture that spans our circle of time.

The Name Wendy before Barrie's inclusion, was on the whole very obscure, with a few random links that have lead researchers to the path of Grail tracking. 
One of the seekers favourite Wendy name connections is allied  with Gwendolen whom's name is a modification of  Guendoloena,  a fictional Queen based on a element of fact,  found in Geoffrey of Monmouth's (1135) Historia Regum Britanniae, other Grail writers through innovation or contempt have connected Guendoloena, with the wife of King Arthur, and changed her name to Guinevere.  
Gwendolen is derived from the Welsh words "gwen" and "dolen". Both words have multiple possible meanings. The word "gwen" can mean "white", "fair" or "blessed", the secound word "dolen" can mean "ring", "bow" or less commonly "brow", or "hair" in Celtic Breton the sister word  Dolmen  originates from the expression taol maen, which means Stone Table.
In Da Vinci's last supper the master has aligned 13 leading players with in the christian romance, and made the Table the supreme feature of his symbolic interpretation, enterprisingly what Da Vinci has planned is a direct line which skilfully uses Jesus as the central zero point with equal arms of 6 disciples on each side,  which if we consider Mensa the Latin word for table and forms the Southern Constellation Pole Point, we are spelled with a exhibition of calibrated line polarisation, furthermore Mensa  Table connection becomes more noticeable when we learn that the constellation Mensa  occupies an area of 153 square degrees which takes the shape of a key stone, or perhaps a Dolman?
All roads lead to John, and his/her wisdom, and the 153 fish, the global-astro Net, is unobtainable to eat the manna of wisdom if we go fishing on the wrong side, in the centre of Mensa Table constellation we find the unveiled star Pi Mensae (π Men) which is a yellow subgiant star. 
Returning back to Gwendolen the Queen may mean "White Ring", "Fair Bow" or any other combination, when we add the stone and John to the mix of the world's languages, we find our choice is existing in abundance!
Latching back to Wendy my gut feeling, what Barrie was thinking, when he slected her name, is made up of a mixture of two words, and the letter Y,  the first being End,  and the other being Wed the abbreviated Wed-nesday, which it gets its name from the Middle of the circle of the week, which relates to zero time meridian circle, being in the middle also, this in turn, brings forth  the End, according to John's revelations prophecy the End times are Marked and celebrated with the Wed-ding of the era of the Lamb. The letter Y is the symbol that brings Two into One, and significantly as expressed above, the upside down Y  is a great Hallmark sign for Peace, and Love, in the Roman alphabet it is the 23 letter, which in revelation bible context is the End of the Road, as there is no Revelations Chapter 23.
The introvert Barrie was born and raised in the Scottish Angus town of Kirriemuir, the area of Angus is littered with sculptured Pictish stones, the young impressionable Barrie would have been fascinated with the silent symbol language, there is little doubt Barrie used this source of information in his fantasy writing creation.  Neighbouring town a few miles South West of Kirriemuir is Meigle. 

Meigle lies on the time-roseline which runs, North from South, a second energy line runs from West to East, which marks Meigle as a crossover town, the pictish forefathers  considered this energy centre to be one of there extreme jugular connections that could tap into the Heart of God.  The West to East energy line runs alongside much of the  Highland Boundary Fault line that traverses  mainly  longitudinal in Scotland, this area is prone to seismic activity, the divide is considered to be Male in the cold rough Highland Ben peaks on the Northern side of the fault, and the softer curved Female appealing qualities in the warmer sheltered South.

 The pictish shamen used Meigle as one of there premier oracle stations to receive messages from the Holy-Circle spirit,  this wisdom was revered as a gift from the highest source, which needed the respect and esteem  that this unearthing  present provided. 

One folklore inherited belief which is retained from a earlier period, connects humble Meigle, to the impressive legend, that this remote  outpost is the burial location of King Arthur's wife Guinevere.

The Clock is now moved Forward, a casual visit to the Meigle Museum where 26 pictish carved stones are housed, one catches my eye, the imprint is vivid,  it shows a
depicted  crocodile, the waiting Time Bomb is ticking.

The Crocidile is one of Earth's oldest species and closely related to the Dinasaurs, from here our own Dolmen keystone bridges Da Vinci's Last supper and Barrie's Croc, with revealing  the extinct  Dinasaurs etymology, saurs as we are aware is the term, and Din is the shorten version of Dinner concluding our own Last supper sitting at the Table of the Age.

The Black and White Skull and cross over Bones, signal our school days are over the Pi-rate of our worthiness is now measurable, the road ends at the Bar of Golgotha, the tax man (hook) has been patiently watching our progress, with intimidating fear, we now await the bill, walking the plank, is Barrie's rendition of being "Crucified Between two Criminals".

"It is very late now," said Wendy, it is time for us to put on our pyjamas, tinkerbell  pipes up, do you know why they are called pyjamas and have the traditional vertical stripes?
No said Peter and Wendy in unison?
py-relates to pi vertical time, and jamas is spanish for Never-Ever, our world is mapped out in longitude strips, that measure time, Ahaa now i remember said Peter, in my dreams it is the gateway to Never-Never land!

Later that night Tinkerbell appeared in Peter's dream.......

Here lies a mysterious land with a Magic Kingdom it's foundations where built on Love,  it's embodied with a Castle-Tower  that seemingly extends to the clouds,   prepare yourselves special ones, for a very late wedding has come for us to rejoice, for  Him and Her, and the Love they brought to us, a Golden wedding Ring drops from Heaven in tandem with a chorus of Angelic voices singing...........
"Hallelujah",  is heard by Peter,      confirming, we must be in "Never Never Land" !!!

The Bar and Tower 1066 tapestry, the gang look on as one unlucky victim is left dangling in mid air, the gaunch is a impaling apparatus, taken from the Old French word gancher, which translates in English as Hook, in ancient Scotland boar hunting, the wound from a boar's tusk was also called the gaunch.

 Argyll Scotland was considered to be the new Arcadia in Roman maps post crucifixion, the Calydonian Boar hunt was, "game on" for the new recycled Argonauts, the word Arg-o-naut, can be broken down to Arg, which means silver, o the circle and naut again confirms the Ouroboros head-tail consumed complete,  the Duke of Argylls adopt the Boar as there main emblem.

 Book 19 of  the Odyssey, Odysseus recounts a story of how he was gored in the thigh during a boar hunt on Mount Parnassus in his youth. Kilchurn Castle over looking Loch Awe, this lovely scenic area,  was part of the Duke's of Argyll, clan grounds, it is nestled below Ben Cruachan, at 1126 m it is the highest point in  Argyll,  curiously it is also defined as MOUNT PARNASSUS, in Greek myth it is  home to the muses, which are  mankinds guiding spirits,  they in turn are linked to the Delphi  oracle, like Jesus parables in the Bible the information received was given in riddle like form, a Test of gruelling wills  that measured substance  and stubborn perseverance of the exhausting Odyssey mirror's many aspects of  Perceval's grail romance and Jason and the Argonauts quest for the golden fleece,  the Delphi oracle was, considered to be, near by Mt Parnassus.

The Argyll boar hunt Oracle has left the journey people with one last  transubstantiation vital clue, when studying the name Crua-chan,
Crua in Irish Gaelic means a hard challenge, and chan is a deviant of the name John. I  always wondered why Luke 1:65  in the Bible used the word Awe?

 Awe fell upon the whole neighborhood, and the news of what had happened spread ...........

    While entering battle, the Campbells and Macintyres on the charge  fuelled with adrenalin adopted the shout charge  "Crua-chan" knowing many of them would fall as they encountered the enemy. Crua-chan was thus related to the unknown spirit realm of the Pi circle, Never Never Land.

The Circle of  Nothing—"representing human apathy, cynicism, and the denial of childish dreams"—eat-on-tale.